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Friends of Roxburghe House Grampian sincerely thank all our fundraisers who undertake many difficult challenges to raise funds on our behalf. We are very grateful, not only to them, but also to their many supporters, family, friends and colleagues who donate so generously.

Unfortunately, we cannot list everyone who supports us - that would take too much time and space on the web.

In addition to the many athletes who undertake a variety of 10K Runs, Half Marathons and full Marathons, here are some of the fundraisers who have gone "the extra mile" for us - literally in some cases!!
Lucy Summers organised a Charity Ball in Fraserburgh on 4 April.

Garry Webster competed in the Etape Loch Ness cycling challenge on 26 April.

Ross Taylor completed the Etape Caledonia 150 Km cycle ride on 10 May.

Samantha McDonald, Louise Millar, Elaine Carse, Matthew Edmond and Catrional Burnett competed in the Baker Hughes 10K on 17 May.

Wendy Gibson competed in the Fraserburgh 10k run on 24 May.

Theresa Christie, Emily Hardie and Hollie Davidson completed a Team Triathlon on 30 May.

Anne Beveridge, one of the volunteer gardening team at RH, ran her first half-marathon in Edinburgh on 31 May, beating her best practice time by 15 minutes.

William Wood completed 100 holes of golf in 1 day at Cruden Bay on 19 June.

Donna Bain, a member of the 12-person Muddy Buddies team, and Steven Ewen tackled the Tough Mudder challenge at Drumlanrig Castle in Ayrshire on 20 June.

Lauren Stanger, Julie Farquhar and Holly Brennan all took part in the Color Me Rad event on 21 June - a 5K run where they get splashed with paint as they complete the course.

Ryan Petrie and Kerry Turton undertook the Crathes Half Marathon on 19 September.

Staff from ETPM Ltd took part in the Banchory Beast race on 26 September.

Staff from Plexus Ocean Systems Ltd nominated us as their Charity of the Year 2014-15 and raised £5,312.82 through a wide range of activities from bake sales to a 1oK Survival of the Fittest race.

Sharon Coutts and Steve Webb organised a golf tournament in Reading and a trip to Ladies Day at Ascot to raise £3,500 which they shared between 2 charities.

Alison Reid competed in the 'Aviemore 10K for All' on 11 October.

Michael Austin completed a cycling challenge.

Jenna Lamb organised a Physic Night & Disco on 2 October.
Accenture's Aberdeen staff staff nominated us as their Charity of the Year for 2014 and organised a number of events throughout the year.

Ian Adie climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in May 2014.

Scott Thorburn undertook 3 x 10K runs (Baker Hughes, Balmoral and River Ness) in 2014.

Tasha Ross completed the Tough Mudder challenge in June 2014.

David Paterson completed the West Highland Way in May 2014.

Tyler McDougall (aged 10 years) completed a sponsored silence from 09:00 to 15:00 at Luthermuir Primary School on 30 June 2014.

Kim Marion completed the arduous trek to Machu Picchu in October 2014.
Doug Guy - In September 2013, Doug cycled the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Part of the route is included in the Tour de France, featuring many climbs and descents.

Mark Griffiths undertook 3 x 10K Runs and 2 x Half Marathons during 2013.

Stronachs LLP staff nominated us as their Charity of the Year for 2013 and competed in 3 x 10K runs.

Stuart Park completed the West Highland Way in May 2013.

Gordon Donald completed the Paris Marathon in April 2013.

Jeff Nicol undertook the Tough Mudder Challenge in August 2013.
A team from Wood Group Gas Turbine Services took part in the Baker Hughes 10K in May 2012

Daniel Rae participated in the Tough Mudder Challenge in July 2012.

Chris Nussbaum aand his ‘Less Chris More Roxburghe’ fundraise. Chris is undertaking a unique personal weight loss challenge for the Friends; ‘I am prepared to make a BIG effort, my challenge is to get SMALLER! I am going to lose weight over the next three months. I aim to lose at least TEN KILOS bodyweight (twenty-two pounds).” He is asking friends to commit to sponsor him on a per-kilo basis.
Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP is one of the largest independent firms of chartered accountants in Aberdeen, with 160 members of staff. Roxburghe House was voted as their charity for 2011. Staff participated in various challenges and fundraisers such as cake sales, race nights, Baker Hughes race, Monster Challenge, quizzes during the year and the annual prize draw at Christmas.

AAB have been delighted to be associated with Roxburghe House and have raised £12,000 during 2011 which is to be spent on the refurbishment of the relatives rooms.

Lorraine Bloice raised £415 by running the Fraserburgh half marathon in November.

Katriona Angus took part in a sponsored bungee jump in September and has raised £1,288.50 in memory of her mum Gwen Angus. Kirsty McGuire (Katriona’s cousin) raised an additional £311 by also bungee jumping, and her sister Eilidh also joined in to add a further £259 to the total – a real family affair.

Scott Campbell, Andrew Shaw, Derek Gemmell, and Will Plumley took part in the First Monster Challenge running and cycling 120kms, around and over the Great Glen and have raised £1350.

Graeme Rennie completed ‘Tour d’Ecosse’ in July 2011 in memory of his Dad, Donald Rennie. Graeme combined his passions for road cycling and Scotlands’ countryside to complete the 1000+ mile trek supported by family and friends. Graeme has raised over £3200 for the Friends of Roxburghe House.

Shona Burke, Aberdeen
“At the end of last year our group of hill walkers received the very sad news of the loss of three very dear friends within weeks of one another. They all shared the fact that they had been fighting cancer and passed away at Roxburghe House.

In memory of our friends I decided to hold a ‘chocolate party’ Unfortunately it turned out to be a night of the worst snow you can imagine but eleven hardy ladies struggled through treacherous roads to be there. The chocolate from Moray even managed to reach us aided by a brave representative. We had a lovely night and must have put on half a stone sampling all the chocolate and eating lovely fruit skewers and marshmallows from the chocolate fountain! We raised £125 in memory of Mary Christian, Irene Dewar and Stan Tennant which I have donated to the Friends of Roxburghe House.”
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